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Welcome to my website dedicated to the Historic Flags of the Republic of Texas.  I'm not a historian, but I have done considerable research into the Flags that flew over Texas and have presented images of what I consider to be some of the most significant Flags.  These include the traditional "Six Flags Over Texas" which most of us know along with the many colorful battleflags from the Republic of Texas era.

It seems the more research I do, the more flags I discover.  I think the number is up to  27 flags of which I have painted original water color images.  My plans are to publish another full color poster of the "Flags of Texas" which will feature all to date.

"The Historic Flags of Texas" represents the strong interest in flags held by most Texans today.    From the battle flags of the many volunteers who came to the aid of the "Texians" and "Tejanos" in their conflicts with Mexico to the many independent groups who fought to establish Texas as a Republic, these banners have come to represent the history of this great state.

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